Subtle energy healing

Our body has its own wisdom. Often we cannot be still enough to allow healing to occur, whether it is physical or spiritual. Reiki will help you calm your inner "monkey" thinking so your natural ability tap into your own resources happens.

Reiki Treatment

Treatment Options

Reiki Treatment

Using hands on and hands off, depending where we are treating, I balance chakras, move stagnant energy and calm anxiety and nervousness.  

Treatments are approximately one hour. You will leave feeling refreshed and ready to take on the rest of your day.

Price- $60

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Customer Reviews


"Amy is absolutely wonderful every time I see her. Even before she begins her Reiki practice, her presence alone gives you a sense of comfort and ease; allowing you to fully relax, trust, and let her do her thing. After a period of time feeling lost and unlike myself, I saw Amy for only a couple of sessions and already feel such a positive shift in the right direction. Her energy is extremely nurturing, and she is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, after each treatment she gives me a brief breakdown, lets me know the areas that she feels we need to work on and what they may represent in my day-to-day life. I would recommend Amy to anyone!"

Danielle Baker

I had such a wonderful first time Reiki session with Amy.  I came away feeling a sense of peace and balance.  Amy is intuitive, warm and kind.  I highly recommend Amy.

Brenda Lively

Being new to this energy healing, I was a little bit nervous but Amy made me feel very supported and comfortable right away. I was surprised to actually feel the energy move through my body and evoke various feelings I was unaware were affecting me. I left our first session feeling light, in peace, energized and inspired. It helped bring my priorities to surface. It was an incredible healing experience and I cannot wait for more sessions with Amy. 

Kristen, Squamish


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