Vibrational healing

Our daily stress and anxiety is taking its toll making us feel worn out, unable to find time to attend to our self-care.  Having an Acutonics treatment allows you to relax and let the healing occur without any effort.    Experience the calmness of meditation and the restful benefits of a deep sleep when you listen to the forks and feel their vibrations. Using acupressure and acupuncture points, the application of the tuning forks helps energy flow more easily.

Access a quiet mind and a more resilient body through Acutonics.

Treatment cost:  $50


Acutonics with Amy is an experience both grounding and transformative.  In her healing presence, I accessed a journey which gave clarity to a question I didn't realize I was asking.  Magic!

Bonnie Jang, Master Medical Qi Gong, MMQ

I recently did a series of Acutonics sessions with Amy.  The sessions are very relaxing and Amy creates a quick sense of comfort and safety. However, it was after the third session I noticed a marked improvement in my mental clarity.  The general buzz in my head was reduced which, in turn, reduced my agitated state that I had been experiencing for years. This feeling was such a RELIEF.

Sharon Duguid



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