Buddha Statue

Set your mind free to wander anywhere it wants,
Think any thought,
Ride any wave, surge in any direction.
The instant a thought springs up,
Abandon it and move on.
Don't let the mind rest anywhere.
In this way, gain entry to the bliss
Of the silent depths beneath the surf.

The Radiance Sutras
Lorin Roche

Two Dried Leaves

My Services


Using the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the concepts of sound and vibration, the tuning forks bring a unique, calming sensation without the use of needles.

Reiki Treatment

Our body has its own wisdom. Often we cannot be still enough to allow healing to occur, whether it is physical or spiritual. Reiki will help you calm your inner "monkey" thinking so your natural ability tap into your own resources happens.


Bonnie Jang, Master Medical Qi Gong, MMQ

Acutonics with Amy is an experience both grounding and transformative.  In her healing presence, I accessed a journey which gave clarity to a question I didn't realize I was asking.  Magic!


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