Buddha Statue

Set your mind free to wander anywhere it wants,
Think any thought,
Ride any wave, surge in any direction.
The instant a thought springs up,
Abandon it and move on.
Don't let the mind rest anywhere.
In this way, gain entry to the bliss
Of the silent depths beneath the surf.

The Radiance Sutras
Lorin Roche

Reiki Treatment


It's all Energy



Vibrational Medicine

Using the ancient practices of Traditional Chinese medicine and astrology, the tuning forks bring energy into right alignment.

Reiki Treatment

Hands on Reiki

Energy Medicine

Our body has its own wisdom. Often we cannot be still enough to allow healing to occur-- be it physical, emotional or spiritual. Reiki helps you calm your inner "monkey" mind so our natural ability to tap into our resources happens.


Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound Medicine

The Crystal Bowls work their own magic with resonance and vibration.  Listen to the bowls as they fill the room.  Feel your body relax and float deep into the entrainment of the notes as they sing separately and together.

Acutonics with Amy is an experience both grounding and transformative.  In her healing presence, I accessed a journey which gave clarity to a question I didn't realize I was asking.  Magic!

Bonnie Jang, Master Medical Qi Gong, MMQ

I recently did a series of Acutonics sessions with Amy.  The sessions are very relaxing and Amy creates a quick sense of comfort and safety. However, it was after the third session I noticed a marked improvement in my mental clarity.  The general buzz in my head was reduced which, in turn, reduced my agitated state that I had been experiencing for years. This feeling was such a RELIEF.

Sharon Duguid

Prior to seeing Amy, I had never had any Reiki, Acutonics or any kind of energy work so really didn’t know much about it or what to expect. Amy explained what I needed to know about it, without getting too technical or in depth. Amy’s sessions are private, unhurried, respectful and the most relaxing, sensory filled, calming, relaxing and personally beneficial thing I do for myself. The results I feel are sometimes immediate, always meaningful and infinitely beneficial. Every time. 

I came to Amy feeling tired, frustrated, depleted, completely out of sorts and just not myself. I’ve had some big life changes in the last few years, including successful chemo and radiation treatment for cancer. Even though I have physically recovered well, I just didn’t have my energy and equilibrium back. I felt like a puzzle whose pieces are scattered everywhere.

After the first session or two I felt so much more relaxed and calm and after having a number of sessions with Amy I can attest that the difference in how I feel is nothing short of remarkable. The scattered puzzle pieces are all locked in where they’re supposed to be. Now I feel more myself than I have in a long time.

If you are feeling at all out of sorts, tired, stressed, or just need to find some peace, relaxation and recover yourself again - go see Amy. There is no one I would trust more.

Karen Birch

Amy is absolutely wonderful every time I see her. Even before she begins her Reiki practice, her presence alone gives you a sense of comfort and ease; allowing you to fully relax, trust, and let her do her thing. After a period of time feeling lost and unlike myself, I saw Amy for only a couple of sessions and already feel such a positive shift in the right direction. Her energy is extremely nurturing, and she is always happy to answer any questions you may have. Additionally, after each treatment she gives me a brief breakdown, lets me know the areas that she feels we need to work on and what they may represent in my day-to-day life. I would recommend Amy to anyone!

Danielle Baker

I had such a wonderful first time Reiki session with Amy.  I came away feeling a sense of peace and balance.  Amy is intuitive, warm and kind.  I highly recommend Amy.

Brenda Lively

Being new to this energy healing, I was a little bit nervous but Amy made me feel very supported and comfortable right away. I was surprised to actually feel the energy move through my body and evoke various feelings I was unaware were affecting me. I left our first session feeling light, in peace, energized and inspired. It helped bring my priorities to surface. It was an incredible healing experience and I cannot wait for more sessions with Amy. 

Kirsten, Squamish


This is what a treatment setup looks like.  Lots of gorgeous forks in the background and a comfy table to lie on.  

You get comfortable underneath a blanket, fully dressed and I use essential oils, crystals ( sometimes), and music to create a very relaxing hour.  

Acutonics and reiki can help re-energize and unblock the stuck spots whether they are physical, emotional or spiritual.  

Thanks to the lovely Janine Pilmer for this photo.