“Whole Person Coaching is firmly rooted in five distinct, yet interrelated human principles that inform coaching best practices.  With the WPC mindset, the coach supports a powerful and transformative learning process. These life enhancing principles and their application magnify both the coach and client’s capacity for success, ultimately fuelling the coaching communication, process and relationship.

Coaches who accept and trust that all individuals are whole, powerful, sacred and connected directly support and enhance their clients’ potential to make the unimaginable tangible.  In this process, the client becomes self-innovating, primed to self-author the life of their choosing. Through the process of unleashing the magic of the creative spirit, the whole person naturally comes out to play in the spirit of success.”  Feroshia Knight – Director, Baraka Institute: Coach Training World

This method of seeing each individual as a whole person allows the coach to truly appreciate every aspect of a life.  No challenge or success operates in a vacuum.  Each choice we make opens up our lives in a myriad of unseen ways.  When we choose to leave a job, our relationships with our family can change.  When we choose a new life partner, our relationship to our work can be affected.  When we embark on self-discovery, our thinking becomes so much more possibility oriented.  This shift alone changes our dynamic in the world.  We are the sum of our parts, seen and unseen.  Whole Person Coaching helps uncover the unseen and recognizes the undiscovered.  Working inside a supportive environment, we examine patterns and beliefs, core values, strengths and resources to redefine what is important to the client. As the coaching process begins to create a toolkit for the client to access, the parts integrate into a whole.