chamber logoenterpriselogo        Working with small, or micro, businesses is the place where I connect my love for entrepreneurs with my appreciation for hard work.  Being an entrepreneur is a labour of love.  We do it all, everyday…. and then do it all again the next day.  Some days there seems like no relief is in sight and, other days, we get that rush from closing a big sale, finding the right new piece of software, connecting with someone new and we just KNOW it is all worth it.

Coaching microbusiness owners is about helping you untangle the web of your daily list of  “To Dos” and creating a strategy to get it all done.  It’s about asking questions around the tasks you procrastinate on  and finding out how to make them happen.  It’s about brainstorming the next step to success.  Working with solopreneurs, I become the cheerleader in those darkest days and the taskmaster when needed.  Having a coach for your small business is like having a another brain with a new perspective.  We use my knowledge of sales and small business to create clarity and focus.  Without this alignment inside your business, taking yourself to the next level is very difficult.

Take a test drive with me. I offer a free consultation to help you identify areas we could work on. For an idea of fees, click here.