9 October 2013

Book Review – The Firestarter Sessions

9 October 2013,

Danielle Laporte is my new favourite author.  Her website is a work of art.  Forbes named Danielle’s website one of the top 100 websites for […]

12 September 2013

Keeping your Calm in the Midst of Chaos- June Earle

12 September 2013,

Chaos means different things to different people, or in other words, what we experience as chaos varies one to another.  For one person, the […]

22 June 2013

Comparison is a killer. cut it out. – Danielle Laporte

22 June 2013,

comparison is a killer. cut it out. From the shape of our cells to the swirl of our fingerprints, each human is profoundly, almost […]

29 May 2013

The days are long but the years are short – By Gretchen Rubin

29 May 2013,

I love reading Gretchen Rubin’s Happiness Project blog and website.  I came across this video today that made me stop.  Not only is this […]