16 May 2013
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16 May 2013,

19 March 2012


Re: Amy Earle Coaching


Working with Amy Earle has been a great experience. Her “whole life” coaching approach resonated well with me from the very first day. We are the sum of all of our parts, every experience we have we bring with us in some way and Amy has an intuitive understanding of this.

At every meeting she drops a “pearl” in my lap, a bit of wisdom about my life, my business or my relationships that has a profound impact on my way of thinking and helps me to move through the barriers that are holding me back. I find that I am more settled in my business life, more open in my personal relationships and, in general, more confident in the directions I am moving.

My 10 session coaching contract is almost over, but I am determined to keep this relationship in my life for the foreseeable future.  When we discussed coaching Amy suggested that everyone needs a coach in their lives – she’s absolutely right!

Amy helps me ask the important questions and guides me to finding the answers within – she’s never preachy – so the solutions to the problems are mine, she simply helps me uncover what is there.

I said before that Amy drops a pearl in my lap – I think, in fact, that she is the pearl.

Yours sincerely,


Kirsty Stevenson


Bling Snaps Inc.

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