16 May 2013
Category: Testimonials
16 May 2013,

I want to thank you for presenting to my Academic Leadership 11 class.  From the moment you began, the students were highly engaged in your discussion of archetypes, stories, and their significance in our world.  Your information was particularly relevant to the students as they are beginning their Grad Transitions assignment for which they are required to self-reflect and plan for their futures.  Your calm and easy-going delivery style put the students immediately at ease, and you created an environment in which they felt comfortable sharing personal stories.  After the first session, the students could hardly wait until the second session when they were able to work directly with the archetype cards.

The students’ feedback was that they learned a lot from your presentation and that sparked them thinking seriously about their own life paths.  I appreciate you taking the time to facilitate this dynamic experience for my leadership class, and I look forward to working with you again next year.


Dana Huff
Academic Leadership 11 teacher
Delta Secondary School

April 2012

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