9 October 2013
Category: How does it work?
9 October 2013,

Everyone wants to know…. how does it work?  Can I get a free consultation to see if I like it?  The answer is….. of course.

Briefly,  you can absolutely try before you buy.  Call me 604.250.5934. Email me amy@amyearle.com  or use the Contact Me form on this page. I offer a free 30 minute coaching session and we can discuss any specifics you want to share or have questions about.

After we have our initial session, the next step is to set up a Discovery Session.  This is a 2 hour meeting where I learn more about you.  There is some preparation for you as the client.  It’s fun stuff like thinking about where you would like to focus your awareness, how you might vastly improve your life if there were NO barriers.  This is a combination of blue sky thinking with a dose of reality thrown in.  What if anything were possible?

The Discovery Session might be all you want to commit to for now.  There is tremendous value in voicing your values, your beliefs and fears and having someone just listen.  You will walk away from this meeting with some areas to work on and some action steps.  If you want to engage more fully, we develop a 3 month commitment that gives you  some structure around our meetings plus lots of time to fully explore your goals, talk out your frustrations and your successes as well as be acknowledged for showing up and doing the work.

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