27 August 2013
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27 August 2013,

Working with Amy has always been very beneficial for me.  We started our journey together at Hurley where I found that for the first time in my life, I actually had a solid leader and role model in the work force.  Amy knew how to find the best in me and bring it out.  I wanted to work harder and accomplish more with her guidance and uncanny way of knowing just how to approach my type of personality, find out what my passions were and use them to the best of her ability to keep me on an amazing path of growth and determination.

Since then, I took my small jewelry company and decided that this was the best route for me and that I wanted to make this dream a reality.  This dream is now my reality and something I wish to do for a very long time.  With growth comes a whole new ball game.  It was time for me to really break down any barriers or subconscious attitudes that may be holding me back.   This is when Amy came back into my life as a mentor again but in a different way.   By asking simple questions and using problem solving techniques, Amy amazingly pulled everything out of me that was tangled and kind of unorganized.  She help me put my business and my self on a whole new path.  Every session was mind blowing to me.  She knew how to get to the bottom of what was disabling me while also finding out what was keeping me determined.  This has helped me to move forward, gain more courage, be proud and be very determined to make this dream as big as I can.  I came to Amy because I knew she would be, hands down, the best “real” help out there for a small business like me trying to break into a larger market.   As I continue to grow, I know that I will have Amy there for coaching along the way and that make me feel pretty much invincible.   Anyone can benefit from her services, and everyone should.

Sasha Pellow

Sasha Eillenna Jewelry

May 25,2013

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