22 June 2013
22 June 2013,

I started thinking about alignment this week.  What does it mean to me?  If my body is in alignment, is my soul as well? How do we keep our personal and professional lives aligned so one doesn’t fall victim to the other?

Such great questions to ask ourselves…. but do we spend any time on them?

I attempt to stay aligned by meditating.  I read books. My favourite right now is Danielle Laporte’s The Firestarter Sessions. I do yoga and I have long internal conversations about staying IN THE PRESENT.  All of this sounds so trendy, so now.  But funnily enough, it works.  When I can pay enough attention to what I am doing right now, I actually get more done. I end my day feeling aligned.

Personally, if I don’t get into my garden at least once a day, this time of year, I feel completely unsettled.  There is something about digging my fingers into the dirt and having whispered conversations with my seedlings that soothes me.  Perhaps it’s about nourishing my soul on all its levels.

When I think about whole person coaching, I think about this soul alignment.  All the parts of my life need to work together for it to be a functioning life.  They need to be oiled and periodically tweaked into place.  Sometimes I can do this myself, and sometimes I need outside help.  It’s okay to ask for help.







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